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Terms of Use
LICENSE AGREEMENT: SEDIT, S/REXX and S/REXX Debugger. Copyright (C) 1991-2024 by Robert Benaroya, licenced by Benaroya sas. All rights reserved. Agreement on the right to use a software program READ CAREFULLY ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT BEFORE DOWNLOADING THE SEDIT AND/OR S/REXX AND/OR S/REXX DEBUGGER PROGRAMS. THESE PROGRAMS SEDIT AND/OR S/REXX AND/OR S/REXX DEBUGGER ARE HEREINAFTER REFERED TO AS "the Program". DOWNLOADING IMPLIES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not download the Program. As provided by applicable Laws and Regulations, BENAROYA SAS does not sell any rights on the Program but grants the exploitation rights of such within the scope of a license agreement, and Robert Benaroya expressly retains its proprietary rights on this software Program. The holder of the License is the person or the company represented by that person to whom Benaroya sas has granted a password. Notwithstanding, this License is granted on condition that Robert Benaroya retains its proprietary rights on the Program and on any and all copies thereof that may have been made, under any form or media whatsoever. This License does not constitute a sale of the original software Program or of any eventual copy thereof. RIGHT OF USE You have the non-exclusive right to use the Program herewith insofar as you conform to this contract. This Program can only be used on a single computer (fixed licence mode) or a single simultaneous computer (floating license mode) on up to 4 simultaneous displays connected to this computer. It is prohibited for you to modify or to decompile the Program or to decipher the password. It is prohibited to use, copy, rent, hold on a temporary basis or not and in any manner whatsoever, modify or transfer the Program and the documentation, or any reproduction thereof, outside of the expressly stipulated conditions of this Agreement. An evaluation copy is characterized by a time limited password. When receiving an evaluation copy, you have the non-exclusive right to use the Program herewith until the password expiration date. If you do not purchase a permanent License by the expiration date, you must destroy all copies of the Program. MODE OF USE the Program can only be used on the equipment described on the binary media, under the operating system release of the equipment manufacturer used to compile the Program, subject to any incompatibilities not being introduced by the manufacturer corporation. Its installation is to be carried out by the user under his sole responsibility. SAVE AND TRANSFER The holder has the right to make a limited number of save copies, under the express condition that he respects the transfer clauses set out above. The copyright notice must be reproduced and included on each save copy. The License cannot be transferred to any third party whatsoever. REPRODUCTION RIGHTS This software program and the elements accompanying it are protected by the copyright. Apart from the save copies, and the loading of the Program in the computer within the scope of the execution of the Program, any total or partial reproduction of the software, even modified, its fusion or inclusion in another program, or of the accompanying documentation, under any form whatsoever, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and would constitute a violation of this agreement. The holder would be liable to the legal and contractual penalties provided for in case of violation of a copyright. TERM Your right of use remains valid until its termination, such taking place automatically and without prior notice in the event you do not respect all the terms and condition of this License. In case of termination, the holder is required to immediately destroy all documentation and all the copies of the software Program, including any modified or save copies as the case may be. LIMITED WARRANTY THE PROGRAM AND ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTATION THEREOF (including user guide) ARE SUPPLIED "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY WHATSOEVER, NEITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, IMPLIED WARRANTY OF COMMERCIAL ADAPTION AND OF APTITUDE FOR A PARTICULAR USE. ALL RISKS IN CONNECTION WITH RESULTS AND PERFORMANCES OF THIS PROGRAM ARE SUPPORTED BY YOU, AS THE HOLDER. IN THE EVENT THE PROGRAM IS DEFECTIVE, FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, ALL REPAIR, RESTORATION OR CORRECTION CHARGES SHALL BE AT YOUR EXPENSE, AS THE HOLDER (AND NOT BY BENAROYA SAS, ITS LICENSEES, DEALERS AGENTS OR SERVANTS). NO INFORMATION OR ADVICE GIVEN VERBALLY OR IN WRITING BY BENAROYA SAS OR ITS LICENSEES, DEALERS, AGENTS OR SERVANTS CAN CONSTITUTE A WARRANTY. THE HOLDER CANNOT IN ANY CASE WHATSOEVER AVAIL HIMSELF OF SUCH INFORMATION TO CLAIM ANY WARRANTY WHATSOEVER. NEITHER BENAROYA SAS NOR WHOMSOEVER ENGAGED IN THE CREATION, THE REALIZATION OR THE DELIVERY OF THIS PROGRAM SHALL BE CONSIDERED LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT OR FORTUITOUS DAMAGE (INCLUDING DAMAGES INCURRED THROUGH A LOSS OF PROFITS, AN INTERRUPTION OF ACTIVITIES, A LOSS OF INFORMATION OR OTHERWISE) FURTHER TO THE USE OR TO THE INCAPACITY OF USING THE PROGRAM, EVEN IF BENAROYA SAS OR Robert Benaroya WERE APPRISED IN ADVANCE OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. UPDATES In the event BENAROYA SAS distributes revised versions of the Program, it may place such at the disposal of the user, providing that the user has payed the updating rights. In no case is BENAROYA SAS nor Robert Benaroya are bound to update the Program, even in the event of incompatibility of this version with future material or software programs circulated by the equipment manufacturer firm. MISCELLANEOUS The rights of use Agreement shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with French law and shall benefit to the successors and assigns of BENAROYA SAS. STATEMENT YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ THIS AGREEMENT, THAT YOU HAVE FULLY UNDERSTOOD IT AND THAT YOU UNDERTAKE TO RESPECT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS THEREOF. YOU ACCEPT THAT THIS AGREEMENT REPRESENTS THE COMPLETE AND EXCLUSIVE AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PARTIES AND PREVAILS OVER ANY AND ALL PREVIOUS REPRESENTATIONS OR AGREEMENTS, ORAL OR IN WRITING, AND OVER ANY OTHER CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN THE PARTIES PERTAINING TO THE CONTENTS OF THIS AGREEMENT.